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Welcome to Cornerstone-edu Auctioneer Continuing Education

Cornerstone-edu provides you with online classes that puts you in touch with information to grow your business and the required courses to renew your auctioneer license. Today’s auctioneers need to keep up with the rapidly changing marketplace, which has been altered dramatically in the last decade.

The benefits of Continuing Education in our profession are incalculable, both for the individuals, but for our clients also. As the auction world becomes smaller and competition fiercer, the upside to continued education will grow exponentially.

Our classes are designed to meet the needs of your busy auction schedule through the flexibility of online study. This program focuses on the fundamentals of ethical business management, as well as the critical knowledge needed to grow your business.

Cornerstone-edu offers a great educational opportunity at an affordable cost. No travel expenses, no time away from your business. The classes are available 24/7, take the classes on your schedule, not theirs. You time is expensive, it is your life, use it wisely.

Cornerstone-edu, providing classes to assist the Auctioneer with Success

Best of all, you get all these benefits for a price you can afford. Go ahead; start going back to school. Find out
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