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What is Cornerstone-edu?

What will you get from this course?

Cornerstone-edu was designed by an Auctioneer for Auctioneer continuing education training.

Approved in Illinois, Wisconsin, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, other states pending.


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Auctioneers by nature are entrepreneurs whose time is valuable and time is what we never have enough of. Cornerstone-edu provides the classes necessary to renew your auction license, at a time that is convenient for you. No driving, just walk to your computer, log on, watch the class and schedule your exam from the comfort of your office, den or beach. If you have an internet connection, you can watch these classes from anywhere in the world. Cornerstone-edu has partnered with ProctorU to provide on-line testing after you take the class. For the first time, we as auctioneers can take all of our classes and exams on-line. How easy is that?

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Courses & Fees

How much will this cost me?

Cornerstone-edu offers a great educational opportunity at an affordable cost.

Course rates are State dependent.  Some States require less CE hours than others.  Remember, you can take your classes anywhere you have an high speed internet connection.  All classes can be viewed on your Tablet!!!  The classes are all video based.  You can start and stop at your pace.


  • »  YouTube U and More
  • »  Facebook and Your Business
  • »  Ethics, stressing Internet Ethics for your business
  •     More classes are being written.  Before any class is posted, it is approved by your state.
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Where should I take the course?

If you have internet access, you can take the class anytime, anywhere in the world.  You can use your Computer or Tablet.  Your choice, your time, your location.




Click Here to start your continuing education today!Cornerstone-edu offers asy online access to all courses. Also online proctored testing is available in those states that require proctored testing.  Therefore you can take your proctored exam from your computer for an additional fee. Saving you more time and traveling expense.

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