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Welcome to Cornerstone-edu Auctioneer Continuing Education

bookFast talk does not make a successful auctioneer. What you say during the fast talk, the knowledge behind it, the skill as well as the confidence are the “materials” to build a successful auctioneer career.

If you want to blaze a successful career path, know how you’ll get to acquire these “materials.”

Start with “going back to school.” What your mom told you a long, long time ago is the same nugget of wisdom that can make you build a strong career in auctioneering. It does not happen by accident; you work on it. Enhance your skills and knowledge through an Auctioneer Continuing Education.

Know, however, that auction schools are not created equal. At Cornerstone-edu, we make sure that you will get the right tools so you can perform auctioneering with confidence.

Why is Cornerstone-edu the right school for you?

  • Cornerstone-edu was designed by an Auctioneer for Auctioneer continuing education training.
  • It provides auctioneers with working knowledge about contracts, license law and other legal basics.
  • It inculcates business management and marketing principles to help you improve your operations.
  • The curriculum updates your skills. It lets you learn about auction technology and other relevant online techniques.
  • It conveniently brings to you the opportunity to renew your auction license online. It also lets you attend online classes at your most convenient time anywhere there is an Internet service.
  • With its partnership with ProctorU, you can take your on-line test right after the online class without incurring additional cost or traveling.

Cornerstone-edu is clearly the way to succeed in your auctioneer career. It does not only provide you with the right ingredients for success, it is also serves them to you on a silver platter. Cornerstone-edu is more than a school for Auctioneer Continuing Education; it is creating ways to make you successful in the easiest way possible.

Best of all, you get all these benefits for a price you can afford. Go ahead; start going back to school. Find out
more when you call (888) 449-3450

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